November 6, 2005

this site is a sham

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:13 pm by south

You really want to go to

But why is this here? is slowly sending out invites (aka Golden Tickets) to try out their new service. I signed up and received one so I had to check out the new service. After I signed up I realized that I should have used the invite to host the buffalotech site.

Gasp! What did you do Scott? You had a Golden Ticket and you wasted it on a site that you’re not even going to use!? generously gives you a single invite to send to a friend. In a stroke of genius, I sent it to myself.

You greedy SoB.

No-no, it’ll be ok. See, I sent it to myself and created buffalotech… but then I had another invite.

I’m dying to know who you sent it to

I knew you’d ask. I sent it to Emily who is now the proud owner of the illustrious

Thank you Scott.

You’re welcome, you handsome devil.